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School of Liberal Arts organizes a Guest Lecture on “Social Engineering: Impacting Mindsets”

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“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs…” -Window Snyder (Chief Security Officer, Fastly)

Social Engineering is a term that is employed to define a broad range of malicious activities taking place in the cyber world in which the individuals are manipulated and their confidential information is stolen. In a technologically advancing and upgrading era, the term has become an important aspect to be taken into great consideration for the security of the data of the various people involved in internet activities.

The School of Liberal Arts hosted an insightful event for the pupils of the department, namely, a Guest Lecture on “Social Engineering: Impacting Mindsets” on 18th March, 2021. The Invited Guest Speaker was Mr. Manohar Rai, System Engineer – TCS, Noida. The objective of the event was to put in the picture as to how social engineering functioned and how it creates grave impacts on the lives of the people. The event was conceptualized & supervised by Prof. (Dr.) Shriya Goyal, Dean – SLA and organized by Dr. Reeta Rautela, Activity Coordinator – SLA.

The event was wholesome in providing ample information by cyber threats, thefts, misinformation and the manipulation of the human mind. The Guest Speaker gave varied insights into several national and international instances that how cyber crimes and the privacy and security of data has become an urgent requirement for the individuals, organizations and nations all across the globe. The Power Point Presentation was quite engaging and informative. The students understood various cyber particulars through the slides and enriched their knowledge regarding the topic.

He also elucidated on how the cyber criminals employed various tactics to misinform and mislead any individual who is involved in a process of work in gadgets. The life cycle of social engineering was a crucial aspect that was explained to the students. The stages of the life cycle included Investigation (Preparing ground for the attack), Hook (Deceiving victims to gain a foothold), Play (Obtaining information over a period of time) and Exit (Closing the interaction, ideally without arousing suspicion). The students invested their minds to this topic with great interest and gained information about the topic keenly.

The Expert was successful in gaining the keen attention of the audience and maintaining a cordial flow of communication with the students of SLA.

The presentation was a great success in evoking a sense of knowledge and responsibility towards safeguarding personal information. The students got an insight of the various technical terms and the functioning of the web. Everyone relished the session and hoped to look forward to many such informative and interactive sessions in the nearby future.

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