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NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University organized a seven- day Special Camp in Village from 11 March 2022 to 17 March 2022. Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi and Prof (Dr) Shrawan Kumar, Dean Students Welfare flagged off the bus from the University for the camp site. The camp was inaugurated in the Primary School of Kotara Santaur. During the camp, NSS Program Officer Prof (Dr) V K Srivastava, Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma and Mr Sunil Prakash described ideology and functioning of NSS to the scholars in the current scenario. The session helped the scholars to know each other and the purpose of forthcoming events. Usha Juwatha, Star of the Primary Academy and their associates witnessed the inauguration ceremony. After lighting the beacon Saraswati Vandana, NSS song was played and Star of School Mrs Usha Juwatha delivered the speech and told about the work that Uttaranchal University had done over there. After giving some wisdom of plums, work is assigned to the scholars, grooming and cleaning of the grounds, bottoms and the theatre. Scholars also separated biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. After painting the whole academy the refreshment was arranged among the scholars. University scholars interacted with the primary academy scholars and some of their teaching staff and non-teaching staff.

Next day, School of Agriculture (SOA) under the aegis of NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University organized a camp at Kotara Santaur Village. The students of School of Agriculture held a cleanliness drive in local schools of the village. Plastic pollution being a universal havoc has led to a surge in soil pollution in the village as well. The students cleaned the plastic waste from the school premises. In addition, students further interacted with the local farmers about organic farming. Students were aware that farmers merely adopt subsistence farming and use local organic manures. Marginal farmers who possess no land provided organic manures to the local farmers. In the household, vegetable gardening was more popular. Students shared their technical knowledge with the farmers and made them aware of recent technology in organic farming. Moreover students also took heed of livestock of the area. Main breeds were jersey and deshi which produced a major quantity of milk. As students interacted with the farmers they found that the land holding was very small, no mechanized equipment were used for crop production, the livestock breed yielded low in milk, no scientific cropping system was followed etc. The NSS camp was a big success for both students and villagers as it enhanced the knowledge of students and farmers. Uttaranchal University hopes to continue the awareness work in future with different objectives.

On the following day, students of Uttaranchal University went to local schools of Kotara Santaur and with local acquaintances cleaned the surrounding area. The next phase of the campaign was to educate the villagers about the protection of the environment. People were also made aware of a clean environment. They also explained the importance of trees in our lives. Streets and drains were cleaned. The villagers took part in the Cleanliness Drive enthusiastically.  The next task was to propagate the awareness for girl’s education in rural areas; girls are devoid of a good education. Our NSS team spread in the village and surrounding villages to convince the parents to give their girl child proper education. The camp was a huge success. All volunteers enjoyed it very much. People of the Village were happy too.

On 14, March 2022, Monday, 30 students from School of Liberal Arts (SLA) visited a nearby village Kotra Santaur, Dehradun Uttarakhand to spread awareness on several issues which needed to be addressed. The University provided SLA, the opportunity to be a part of NSS, where students visited the village called Kotara Santaur. Previously the other Colleges of the University have already conducted the different programs (during the camp between 11 to 17 March 2022) with NSS and this time School of Liberal Arts was chosen to be a part of this National Service Scheme. All the students were divided into different groups where they were assigned to spread awareness on the topics like Beti Bacho-Beti Padhao, Menstrual Hygiene, Save Water, Importance of education, Importance of mental health as well as Physical Health etc. The teams interacted with the Villagers, talked with them on various issues and spread awareness on the same. The teams visited many houses. There was this lady who worked in a corporate sector, which reflected the progress of the village people. We discussed mental health and she was already aware of this topic and congratulated us on this great initiative taken by Uttaranchal University and NSS. The team also told the villagers about the environmental issues like importance of water saving, electricity saving and the re-use of plastic which is a big issue nowadays because people still use all sorts of plastic things and throw them away which causes pollution. The team also visited a local government school, where we taught children about the importance of physical games, exercises and yoga and also performed certain physical activities with them. Teams also saw some labours working on the road and even talked to them about education and hygiene and about the importance of their physical & mental health. Students made them aware of hazards of consuming tobacco, alcohol etc. They told how much they wanted to study but due to lack of resources their dream flew away from them. Students encouraged them to send their kids to a local school so that their future will be bright. The teams also made awareness on physical and sexual child abuse. They taught parents and their children about good touch and bad touch. This awareness program was not only a great initiative taken for the village people but it also made everyone realize many things. The team members also took the oath to save water, take care of their physical and mental health and also to be aware about such issues to other people also. All were so happy to be a part of Uttaranchal University & NSS that takes great care of society and its people, helps them and spreads awareness about things people ignore. This was a great experience for faculty members and students of the School of Liberal Arts. On the very next day of NSS Camp, all the volunteers organized a rally on the theme ‘Drug Addiction’, to make people aware about drug addiction. The volunteers had prepared effective and beautiful slogans and persuaded everyone to choose life. The Seventh day was the closing ceremony of Seven Days NSS camp. On this occasion Programme Officer and other faculty coordinators appreciated the effort of NSS Volunteers.  Hon’ble Chancellor, Vice-chancellor and Pro Vice-chancellor of Uttaranchal University congratulated the students for their wonderful performance in the camp. The event was a grand success.

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