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UIM is organizing the event ‘SHOW CASE’. The event will be held in two stages, the first stage of the event will be held on the 13 Sept, 2013 and the second and final stage will be held on 20 Sept. 2013.

‘Showcase’ is a video-based case study presentation event in which the participants will be shown a movie and later they will be asked to make a presentation on the movie and answer the questions drafted out by the event managers.
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The details of the event are as follows:

Stage I – A Movie will be screened in seminar hall and the participants will be asked to identify the problem. They will be given questions and presentation format.

Stage II – The participants will make the presentation of the case video.

Presentation time : 10-15 MIN
Teams : 6 (six)
Team size : 3 students / team
Total : 8 students
Judges : 04 judges (2 internal i.e. Event managers / 2 external)
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The winners will be judged on the following counts:

  • Content Score (5 is best)
  • Appropriate Subject Matter
  • Personal Contribution
  • Introduction (background, objectives, outline)
  • Continuity (essential facts, developed logically)
  • Conclusion (definite, based on facts)
  • Delivery and Effectiveness
  • Vocal Delivery (voice volume, enunciation)
  • Body Language (eye contact, distracting mannerisms)
  • Visual Aids (legible, effective, synchronized)
  • Discussion (answers questions)
  • Allocated time is used effectively adhered to

For management students the ability to analyze the situation is the fundamental to the study of business.

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