IMG_5913Three days staff Development programme was organized by Uttaranchal University during 6 to 8 of January 2016.  The objective of the programme was to develop, enhance and improve the skills, competencies and overall performance of the employees. The event was inaugurated by Shri. Jitender Joshi with great enthusiasm. He motivated the staff members that it is very important for any employee to keep in pace with the changes in professional environment. This will help every individual in having personal and professional growth and improve their occupational and personal knowledge. It was followed by Prof. N. K. Joshi’s speech on how to achieve organizational goals. He insisted that every person in the organization has to have a good understanding and commitment to the goals. If the goals are not clearly understood the employees will not have a sense of commitment towards achieving it.

The second day workshop was centered on office etiquettes and body language by Dr. Vandana Joshi, Joint Registrar. Body language can make or break a deal. She explained the staff members the need to understand body language. Body language is nonverbal, but it communicates volumes about an individual. It is one that has a great influence on ones career and performance. This session was followed by a discussion on time management by Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director-UIM. Staff members understood that time management is the process of organizing and planning how much time you spend on specific activities. They also understood that if they manage their time efficiently it will increase their productivity and efficiency.

The third day session began with a presentation on legal awareness by Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna, Principal LCD. He explained them about Legal awareness and the empowerment of individuals regarding issues involving law. This was followed by a session on office correspondence and other related works by Prof. Raj. K. Dhar. She explained them the need of accuracy in any means of communication. The three day programme successfully ended with a valedictory speech given by the Vice Chancellor Prof. S. C. Joshi and certificates were distributed by hon’ble Chancellor Shri. Jitender Joshi to all the staff members. Everyone who attended the session went out with a determination to develop and horne the skills required for their profession.
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