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Student of University Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, creates Video Calling App ‘VeCall20’

Student of University Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, creates Video Calling App ‘VeCall20’

As a result of the continuous encouragement, guidance and expert mentoring by the faculty members of University Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, the students are moving ahead on the path of attaining professional achievements amidst the challenges being posed by the present difficult scenario.

Our Diploma Engineering student Anshumali Karna, from the Department of Computer Science, has yet again proved through his talent, dedication and perseverance that hard work always pays its reward. During these times of lockdown and restricted movements the biggest need of the hour is staying connected not only at your work place but also with your near and dear ones. Keeping this in mind he has come up with a unique mobile phone application called “VeCall20” through which anyone can connect with others through a video call using an active and valid phone number through a simple OTP verification.

Talking over the phone on 2nd July, 2020 about this exciting creation he said that this application works on JAVA and Android XML as its backend and frontend language respectively. Giving more technical details he went on to explain that the application uses Google Firebase Database to store user data & enable a user to create account on it and uses Firebase Auth Server for signing in. Anyone wishing to initiate a video call on this mobile with eight (8) activities app just has to open TOK API. The app is totally user friendly and one has to simply send a friend request to the desired person one wishes to call.

The Principal Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Shah along with all the members of faculty congratulated him on his achievement and said that he is a role model for all other students and hoped that the other students will also follow his footprints to make their parents, college and themselves feel proud by bringing more and more laurels.

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