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The School of Liberal Arts celebrated International Translation Day on 30th September 2022. The event was organized by UU-ELTAI Reading Club and the Literary Club in collaboration. The theme of this year was ‘A World Without Barriers’. Various activities were planned in order to foster the building of a culture that ensures an enhanced understanding and a feeling of lasting peace. The event began with words of motivation by Dr Shravan Kumar, Dean, the School of Liberal Arts who shed light on the importance of translation in the contemporary world. The students then engaged in some fun activities that involved translating iconic scenes, songs and dialogues from Bollywood movies into their own regional languages. The students translated them into languages such as Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil amongst a few others. They also performed folk dances and sang songs in varied tongues. Keeping in mind the importance of this day, a competition was also organised where the participants had to translate a piece originally written in Hindi or English to a regional dialect of Uttarakhand. The winners of the competition were announced on this occasion. Overall, the event taught each and every person in the audience the contribution of translation in creating a more inclusive world. The entire event was managed by Dr Anubhuti Dhyani and Ms Sharon Lal, the coordinators of both clubs.

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