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The School of Applied and Life Sciences has successfully organized a two week faculty development program (FDP) on Emerging Application of Computer and Statistics in Applied Science from 18 July-31 July, 2022. The FDP was organised to update faculty members about applications of computer and statistical models with changing scenarios of artificial intelligence in the field of science.

The inauguration was done by Lighting Lamp by Hon’ble Vice-chancellor Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, Dean, School of Applied and Life Sciences, Prof Ajay Singh and HoD of various departments followed by presenting the token of gratitude to the dignitaries. In the Inaugural session, the Convener of the program, Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh welcomed and introduced the experts for different technical sessions to the participants. Prof (Dr )Dharam Buddhi, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University expressed his views on the latest development and the importance of Computers in scientific research. The FDP was Coordinated by Dr Nishesh Sharma, Head, Biotechnology & Dr Sukriti Singh, Head, Food Technology. Er. Junaid Aman, Er. Kapil Rajput and Er. Sukhdeep Kaur assisted in the organisation of FDP as executive member. 52 members participated in this FDP. Faculty members from other institutes like DAV (PG) College, Dolphin (PG) Institute, World Eternal University, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya etc participated in this programme and completed it successfully.  Head of various departments, Prof (Dr) VK Shrivastava, Prof (Dr) BS Rawat, and Prof (Dr) Bharti Ramola, all other faculty members and research scholars participated in the FDP.

The keynote speakers for the FDP from other reputed organisations were

  1. Dr Raman Nautiyal (Professor of Stats, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun)
  2. Dr. Kusum Deep (Professor, IIT- Roorkee)
  3. Dr Madhu Jain (Associate Professor, Mathematics Deptt , IIT-Roorkee)
  4. Dr. Y.S. Negi  (Professor/Dean( Saharanpur campus), IIT-Roorkee)
  5. Dr. Vinay Rishiwal (  Professor- CSE & Director of Research, MJP Rohilkhand University)
  6. Dr. Gyan Praksh Singh (Professor- Stats, BHU)
  7. Dr Rashmi Chaudhary ( Faculty of Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi)

Dr.Sunil Ghildiyal, Associate Professor, CSE, Dr Meenakshi Memoria, Associate Profesoor, CSE,  and Dr V K Srivastava, Professor, Mathematics and Dr Ajay Singh, Professor & Dean- Applied Sciences were among the key speakers from Uttaranchal University.

The technical session started by an expert talk of Dr Madhu Jain of IIT-Roorkee. She delivered her talk with valuable information on mathematical modelling. Dr Madhu explained the applications of Operations Research, Stochastic Processes & Laplace transformation. This is preceded by the valuable talk given by Dr Raman Nautiyal famous statistician of FRI,  DehradunDr Raman delivered his lectures on statistical applications in Research in 5 sessions spread over  3 days. Dr Nautiyal  has provided the knowledge about various hypothese proposed during research, fundamentals of statistics and advanced statistics.  He explained how statistically these hypotheses could be analyzed for the data set. Sir has given the knowledge and in hand training for analyzing data using Statistica analytical software that can be used for designing the experimental model. Sir has also explained how to change the analysis according to the data available and also about various software including SPSS, Statistica, Mathematica, R and Matlab. Sir discusses methodologies like ranked set sampling, small area estimation, calibration, approach-based estimators, design of experiments and multivariate techniques. Prof VK Srivastav (Professor, Uttaranchal University) had a session with participants on the variables, descriptive statistics, chi-square test, Pearson square test and their utilization in data analysis. Dr Sunil Ghildiyal has a detailed session that involves the use of Big Data  in different fields of day-to day life like Banking, Finance, Social Networking, Media and Entertainment, Medical Science, Healthcare, Retail, E-commerce, Telecom, Education, Travel, etc. Prof Kusum Deep (Professor, IIT, Roorkee) has introduced real-life problem solving using nature-inspired optimization techniques, particularly Evolutionary Algorithms, and Swarm Intelligence. Dr Meenakshi Memoria had a detailed session with participants about the concept of artificial intelligence and how it is evolving with new technologies. She discussed how by using AI, research in the medical sciences is progressing as AI can help in detecting diseases at the first stage. Prof YS Negi (Professor, IIT, Roorkee) has given a brief on adding statistical models in physical and chemical science. Prof Vinay Rishiwal (Director of Research, MJP Rohilkhand University) had an open session that involved day-to-day use of cloud computing, IOT and Machine learning. Prof Gyan Praksh (Professor, BHU) had a session on Bayesian inference technique. Sir explained the application of Bayesian inference technique for different life-time models in the field of different real-life situations like population projections, and child mortality apart from classical method of making inferences. Dr Rashmi Chaudhary (Assistant Professor, Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi) discussed the Internet of Things, Intelligent Transportation Networks and their applications in science. Professor Ajay Singh focused on the use of various mathematical models and Machine learning concepts in Applied Science like a prediction of various diseases in plants, etc. An assignment session was there for the participants to understand their grasp of the topics discussed during various sessions by experts.

The Valedictory session was concluded by a vote of thanks proposed by Prof Ajay Singh, Dean, SALS to all the experts and the participants. The session ended with feedback from the faculty where participants shared their experiences about the two-week FDP and certificates were distributed to faculty members for successful completion of FDP.

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