18 Years of Excellence


It gives us immense pleasure to put the present issue of Uttaranchal Business Review to our
readers. It is believed that research is an unending process and always requires improvement
and update. The focus of our journal is research articles, thought provoking pieces, philosophical view about business issues and in general concerns about the changing world scenario and needs of the day. The present issue offers many thought provoking avenues to researcher and practitioner. We encourage researchers and faculty members of management institutes to use this as a platform to publish their work and express their ideas for futureresearch.

We have a variety of articles in this issue. The digital revolution has emerged as the most valuabletechniques for e-governance and its functioning. C. Lalnuntluanga & L. S. Sharma have
analysed the factors affecting the access of e-governance websites by consumers of Mizoram
state. Price discovery of precious metal has become the hot topic of discussion among
academician as well as industry. Ms Pooja Vyas has analysed volatility of precious metal future
and spot prices with specific reference to gold and silver.

Dr. Sonal Sharma & Dr. D.S. Chaubey has carried out the Perceptual mapping of ICT in higher
education. Dr. Amit Sharma & Rupal Ramawat tried to analyse the relationship of leadership style and its effectiveness with age, gender and level of a leader.

The evolution of marketing has been phenomenal in the last one decade or so. Every day, a new
concept or a new approach is tested or validated. From the day of the Product concept and
subsequent marketing and business orientation of marketing, it has come around a full circle,
and now marketing trends indicate a customer focus and more recently more customer-centric
in its format and execution. Dr. K R Subramanian has studied the Customer-centricity in
corporate marketing. Vijay Prakash Gupta & Dr. Rajesh Manchanada have carried out an
analytical study on Service quality gap and its impact on customer satisfaction towards online
banking services in India.

The saving and investments have become two most important means for a secure life and a
better future. Savita Pandey & Dr. Durgesh Mani Tripathi have analysed the Impact of
demographic characteristics on investors decision in an empirical study.

Chette Srinivas Yadav has analysed Governance failure-causes and prevention through a case

We are looking forward to the readers’ response, suggestions and feedback. I must thank our
advisory board members and editorial board members for their help and guidance.

Prof. (Dr.) D.S. Chaubey