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Uttaranchal Institute of Management, in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute, organized a three-day Workshop on ‘Heartfulness Meditation’ (University-Connect Program) from 15th – 17th February, 2018 for the students of UIM. The Instructors were felicitated by Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri, Director – UIM, in the brief Inaugural Session of the Workshop. The programme was attended by approximately 200 students.

The Instructors for the Workshop were the practitioners of Heartfulness Institute, a non-profit organization, which offers a rich variety of simple, gradual relaxation and Inner Journey solutions to help one solve problems and be the best they can possibly be in all walks of life. Whether a teacher or a business executive or a student of science or art, everyone can pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection. Heartfulness Institute offers free meditation training through over 5,000 centers located in 130+ countries.

On the first day of the Workshop the Instructors commenced the session by highlighting the importance of meditation in everybody’s life. They informed that the meditation technique through relaxation, also known as ‘Heartfulness’ by the Institute is simple & practical and has a scientific approach to spirituality through which a person can experience the inner states by being a witness, the experimenter as well as the experiment. They further conveyed that at the heart of the meditation technique is the yogic transmission, also called pranahuti which is known as the food for the soul and is derived from our age old techniques of meditation. It is channelized inside the heart of the aspirant. Pranahuti helps to develop consciousness that leads our path towards reality. The participants were made to sit in a meditative pose after the relaxation technique without transmission, and later with transmission after they were acquainted with the concept of meditation, to experience the efficacy of transmission. The need to practice the exercise daily was duly emphasized.

The second day of the session initiated with an introduction to the concept of cleaning meditation. As we are exposed to impurities which need to be cleaned daily to keep our surroundings free from contamination, in the same manner our soul also attracts impurities based on our actions and if not cleaned, deepens the impressions on our soul which hinders the soul in attaining true consciousness. Students were asked to sit in cleaning meditation mode.

The third and last day of the session was based on the perception regarding daily prayer. According to Heartfulness meditation technique, prayer is important to connect with God and not just a medium to beg for petty things in life as is thought of in the conventional prayer we observe in our day to day life.

The team of Instructors from Heartfulness Institute comprised of Ms. Chhavi Sisodia, Col. G.S. Gusain, Ms. Manisha Degdee, Mr. B.L. Semwal and Ms. Neetika Tomar. It was a unique learning experience for the students who not only understood the efficacy of daily meditation, but also experienced it practically under the guidance of the instructors.

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