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Besides the organization of various academic events an assortment of stalls were put up in ‘UIM Fest’ organized on 2nd December 2017.

The one-day ‘UIM Fest’ exhibited the students selling skills through the various stalls put up by them for the day. The Stall Section was the centre of attraction for the audience. There were various stalls like Food and Snacks Stalls, Gaming Stalls and the innovative DJ Stall. The students had a gala time in these stalls. After relishing food and snacks they enjoyed the DJ and burned their calories off. Further, the indoor games stalls like- Hit the Bottle Pack, Computer Game and Dart Games attracted the audience to try their skills in such tricky games.

Despite all the fun the owners of the stall did mint heavy profits commensurate with their objectives.

The idea of putting up stalls by the students was to give them an experiential learning about selling tricks, tips and skills.

S.No. Name of the Stall Course/ Students   Co-ordinators Stall Number
1 Hit the Bottle, Pick the Battel B.Com(Hons)-III Year

(Arti Payal, Deepali Sharma)

2 Fast Foods B.Com(Hons)- II B Year

(Umesh Grover, Amrit Verma, Himanshu)

3 Deram Organiser MBA-I Year

(Shubham Chaudhary )

4 Keva Industries Sales Distributors 4
5 Wai Wai & Computer Game BBA –I A & B Year

(Aparna Choudhary, Kartik Patwal)

6 Momos & Dart Game BBA-I C Year

(Shivani Gusain, Sanchi Kaushik )

7 Soft Drinks & Mocktails, Games BBA- I Year A & B

(Sheeba Parveen, Kunal)

8 Alumni 8
9 DJ Stall


B.Com(Hons)-III Year

(Gurpinder Singh)



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