Uttaranchal Institute of Management conducts ‘Shiksha Daan’ Activity 2020

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management conducts ‘Shiksha Daan’ Activity 2020

Committed towards our resolve to educate young school students, GLOBE Club of Uttaranchal Institute of Management conducted the subsequent four phases of the ‘Shiksha Daan Activity’ on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February, 2020 at Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Ashram, Dehradun.

The activity was conducted under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri (Director-UIM) and was executed with the coordinated efforts of GLOBE Club Members, namely, Mr. Rohit Dhiman (Head-Globe Club), Dr. Mayank Pant, Dr. Sangeeta Sundriyal, Ms. Anu Suyal, Dr. Deepa Bisht and Dr. Monisha Awasthi.

The activity was conducted in collaboration with a Dehradun-based NGO Shri Nityanand Swami Jan Sewa Samiti with an active support extended by Shri. Vinayak Sharma (President, Jai Youth Wing of the Society), his team-members and the Principal of the school.

On 1st February, 2020, the student volunteers of UIM interacted with the school students and conducted a session on Sports and Physical Exercise.

On 8th Feburary, 2020 the student volunteers conducted a session on the ‘Basics of First-Aid’ and ‘Prevention from Corona Virus’.

On 15th February, 2020 our students conducted a session on various dance forms.

On 22nd February, 2020 the students conducted a session on ‘Role of an Individual in Conservation of Natural Resources’.

The volunteer students were as follows:

1st February, 2020 

  1. Priya Adhikari BBA (I Year )
  2. Priya Purohit BBA (I Year )
  3. Krishnam Rastogi.            BBA (I Year )
  4. Manan Manoj                    BBA (I Year )
  5. Rahul Ranjan                     BBA (I Year )

8th February, 2020 

  1. Shridhar Chaudhary           BBA (I Year )
  2. Sohit Bisht                          BBA (I Year)
  3. Sumedha Shandliya            BBA (I Year)
  4. Shivani Kumari                   BBA (I Year)

15th February, 2020 

  1. Soumya Shukla            B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  2. Shivani Gupta              B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  3. Swati                            B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  4. Priyanshika                  B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  5. Swati Karnwal             B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)

22nd February, 2020

  1. Pooja                      B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  2. Neha Dhramwal     B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  3. Rakhi Rawat           B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  4. Stuti Bhandari        B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
  5. Vandana Gulati      B.Com. (Hons.) (III Year)
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