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Uttaranchal Institute of Management is organizing ‘Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp’

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management is organizing ‘Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp’

Uttaranchal Institute of Management in collaboration with NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) is organizing a three-day ‘Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)’ (18th March – 20th March, 2019).
NIESBUD is actively engaged in Training, Consultancy and Research on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development. The main objective of the Institute is the promotion and development of entrepreneurship by means of creating Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Dr. Sonal Sharma (HOD-IT) welcomed the dignitaries Mr. B.S. Sajwan (Chief Consultant at NIESBUD), Mr. Sanjay Bartwal (Head T&D Department, NIESBUD), Ms. Deepa Sharma (Faculty, NIESBUD) and Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri (Director-UIM).
The session began with a short talk delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri who briefed the students about the significance of being an entrepreneur, especially in the wake of rising unemployment in the country.

Thereupon, Mr. B.S. Sajwan presented a token of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Pradeep Suri for his words of wisdom and Dr. Sonal Sharma for organizing such informational event for the advantage of the students.

In the first session, Mr. Sanjay Barthwal from NIESBUD, briefed the students about the schedule of the three-day camp. He also described the basic concepts of an Enterprise, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, apart from the characteristics and key elements of all of these. He also cited real-life examples for a better understanding on part of the students.

The second speaker, Mr. B.S. Sajwan explained about the importance of being an Entrepreneur and various characteristics that an Entrepreneur should possess in order to be a successful Entrepreneur. Mr. Sajwan also motivated the students to open up and express their views confidently in the matter. He also made the students aware about the prevalent unemployment level in our country.
The last speaker of the day, Ms. Deepa Sharma briefed the students about “whom to approach for what”. She also shared information about the areas of seeking assistance in the matter and their sources such as DIC, KVIC, etc. District Industries Centers (DICs) are the Centers established by Government of India to help out and support the budding entrepreneurs with the challenges that they may encounter while pursuing their start-ups. She further clarified that any novice too can approach these centers to obtain the very basic information required by newcomers before setting up their ventures. In the end, Ms. Deepa welcomed queries from the students and she also suitably replied to them.

Dr. Sonal Sharma concluded the 1st day of the Camp by proposing a Vote of Thanks to the Chair and all present.

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