Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes a Lecture on “Insights into Stock Market”

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A Lecture on the topic ‘Insights into Stock Market’ was organised by the Department of Management of Uttaranchal Institute of Management. Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri was the Keynote Speaker. The event was attended by Dr. SM Mariyam Fatima (Head of the Department – Management) along with the Faculty Members and the B.Com. (Hons.) Final Year students of UIM. The programme commenced with the felicitation of the Keynote Speaker Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri by Ms. Madhu Arora.

The Speaker started his presentation on a very positive note by clarifying the difference between debt and equity which is a key component of the capital budget of any company. The discussion touched upon various topics like types of risks, investing through SIPs in mutual funds and advantages of investment in equity. Besides various nuances of investment in stock market were also discussed like future and options, commodity markets, currency market to name a few. Dr. Suri also created awareness regarding various avenues available for investment in stock market like online trading through a live demo. The discussion also emphasized the importance of faith, perception and time horizon as a premise before making investment. The session stayed interactive throughout. Towards the end of the lecture the students put forward their queries in relation to investment in stock market and the risks associated with it.

The event was a great success and it culminated with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms. Madhu Arora (Coordinator, CRC UIM).

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