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Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes a Workshop on Digital Marketing

Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes a Workshop on Digital Marketing

The Department of Management, Uttaranchal Institute of Management, organized a two-day Workshop on “Digital Marketing” in collaboration with “Ensino Research and Development” on 14th and 15th May, 2020.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pathak initiated the Virtual Session with an informative speech on the need of conducting these types of sessions during the lockdown period. He welcomed Mr. Ashok Longwani (Director-Ensino) along with Senior Trainer- Mr. Saurabh Pant.

On Day 1, Mr. Saurabh Pant commenced by explaining the relevance of Digital Marketing. Mr. Pant revisited the basic concepts of marketing to build a rapport with the viewers. He further moved on to explain complex concepts like Google Adds. Each and every concept was explained thoroughly using examples and implementation. The first session culminated with questions and answers.

On Day 2, the expert elaborated on the practical implementation of youtube and other mediums of social networking. He also explained how to incorporate different sets of keywords. He elaborated on various techniques that can be applied to promote the products through social networking.

The sessions were highly interactive and helped the students to upgrade themselves with the knowledge of these new emerging techniques.
More than 175 students participated in the training. All the participants were very enthusiastic and thankful to the organizers as well as the trainers. Mr Abhishek Kumar Pathak proposed a Vote of Thanks. He thanked the Director-Ensino Mr. Ashok Longwani for being supportive during the lockdown period and providing experts for training. He also extended his gratitude towards the Trainer for his time and efforts.

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