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The Globe Club (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment Club) of Uttaranchal Institute of Management, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University, organized “Best Out of Waste” activity on 10th May, 2019 under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri (Director-UIM).

Dr. Sonal Sharma (HOD – IT) graced the occasion by her benign presence. The activity was supervised by Mr.Rohit Dhiman (Head – Globe Club), along with the members of Globe Club.

The objective of the activity was to create environmental awareness by making best out of waste using recyclable material. Scarcity of resources and creativity put together has led to utilization of waste in a creative but useful manner

Students made many articles utilizing waste material, some of them being, wall hanging using broken glass bangles, bins and planters using plastic bottles and paper flowers. The event certainly generated enthusiastic participation from the students whilst also creating awareness regarding utilization of waste material. Around 120 students from various courses of UIM participated in the event making it a huge success.

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