Uttaranchal Institute of Technology organizes a Seminar on “Automation”

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Uttaranchal Institute of Technology organizes a Seminar on 'Automation'

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, UIT organized a Seminar on ‘Automation’ for the students of B.Tech. on January 28, 2020. Mr. Manohar Rai, Software Engineer – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was the Guest Speaker. The programme was attended by Dr. Minakshi Memoria (Head – Department of Computer Science and Engineering) and Dr. Sunil Ghildiyal (Head – I Year) along with Faculty Members, Members of IEEE Student Branch-UIT and the students of B.Tech.

The program initiated with the lighting of the lamp by the Guest Speaker Mr. Manohar Rai, Branch Counsellor IEEE Dr. Minakshi Memoria and Coordinator IEEE Student Branch – UIT Mr. Ravi Dhaundiyal.

Mr. Manohar Rai described the role of automation in industries, specifically for its development. Mr. Manohar commenced with the history of Automation followed by its general classification into sectors. He further proceeded with an introduction of automation in industries, impact of automation and current emphasis of developed automation in industries, followed by the main tools of automation, namely, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Distributed Control System (DCS), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Instrumentation, Motion Control and Robotics. He elaborately described the advantages and disadvantages of development in industrial automation and finally concluded with the developments in industrial automation both socially and economically.

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