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Vishwakarma Day Celebration In Central Workshop/Mechanical Department

20130917_112531Vishwakarma puja was celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor by the Mechanical Dept. on 17 Sept 2013. Vishwakarma Day is celebrated to worship Vishwakarma, a Hindu god. Vishvakarma was the divine architect, and one of the fourteen precious human beings churned of the Samudra manthan. He is believed to have constructed the holy city of Dwarka; Lord Krishna kingdom. According to the scriptures, Vishwakarma is said to be the creator of many fabulous weapons for the gods. He is also called the divine carpenter, as mentioned in the Rig Veda, and is credited with creating Sthapatya Veda; the science of mechanics and architecture.

To mark this occasion puja & yagya was performed in the central workshop of ME dept. The puja was concluded with prasad distribution. It celebration was attended by Vice Chancellor Dr. S C Joshi, Chancellor’s representative Mr. Abhishek Joshi, Director Dr. Vijay Raj, faculty members, lab technicians and the students of the Mechanical Department.

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