Uttaranchal University B.Tech Students (CE) visit Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun

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Visit to Wadia

Visit to WadiaAs a continuing endeavour of the university to provide to the students hands-on experience of the organizations and their technical areas, the university organised a visit to Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun on 6 September. The program was organised by NIRMAAN Society of Civil Engineering Department, for the third year Civil Engineering students.

Wadia Institute undertakes aids, promotes, guides and coordinates researches in geology of Himalayas. It also organises the workshops, seminars and training programmes in specialised disciplines and on topics related to the geology of Himalaya. It also undertakes continuous research on prediction of earthquake so as to prevent the hazards and damages due to natural disasters.

The students were addressed by Dr. T.N. Jowhar the senior scientist of Wadia Institute. They were guided to the Institute’s museum which has a vast collection of different types of rocks, minerals, ancient building materials and other geological charts and models. In the museum, brief information was delivered by the researchers to the students about the geological structures.

Visit to WadiaStudents were also taken to Seismic Laboratory, Dr. Sushil Kumar Senior Scientist explained to them why the earthquake occurs, how the stations are setup in the Himalayan region for recording of earthquakes. He also explained in detail about the epicentre and the focus point of earthquake. They were also shown the maintenance of continuous record of happenings of stations on LCD screen.

The visit was very informative for the students and added to their knowledge.

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