Uttaranchal University celebrated Constitution Day with a Record Blood Donation A record 1348 Units of Blood Donated in a Day

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Dehradun 26th November. A Mega event was organized at Law College Dehradun faculty of Uttaranchal University on the auspicious Constitution Day today. Padma Bhushan recipient Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi was the Chief Guest on the occasion. At the outset of the programme flowers were showered at University Shourya Wall accompanying the patriotic slogans for the martyrs of the motherland. A mega blood donation camp was organized on the occasion in which five blood banks collected blood from the donors. The camp was managed and volunteered under the auspicious of Legal Aid Centre and N.S.S., Faculties, Officers, Staffs and Students of the university enthusiastically participated in the programme and a total of 1348 units of blood donated breaking its own record. Many students had to leave without blood donation because of the limited capacity of blood banks.

It is noteworthy to mention that Uttaranchal University holds the record of 1348 units of blood donation.

Hon’ble Chancellor of the university felicitated Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi for his exemplary achievements. He remarked that Dr Joshi is a true representative of hills, villages and villagers of Uttarakhand. “His conduct, Life –style and research works are incomparable.”, he further observed.

Also, the 13th edition of Journal of Law College Dehradun, Dehradun Law Review was inaugurated. Notably, Dehradun Law Review is the only UGC-CARE listed journal of Uttarakhand.

In his address, Dean of Law College Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna stated that blood donation on the Constitution Day has been among the best practices of Law College Dehradun right from its inception. “It has been the endeavour of our institution for consecutive fifteen year to donate blood and induce for the same to make the Constitution Day meaningful.”, he further remarked.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Dharam Buddhi congratulated the teachers, staff and students on the Constitution Day. He maintained that the blood donation camp would be instrumental in inculcating nationalist feelings and adapting students in consonance with the sentiments of architects of Constitution. He also congratulated Law College Dehradun for successfully organizing Blood Donation Camp.

At length, Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi, the Chief Guest, extensively dealt with the various facets of nature in a historical context and observed that the nature is abandoning us because of our diminishing links from our villages. He cited a global report which proclaimed that new cyclones and epidemics are going to engulf this planet for which we alone are responsible as we deprived the animals and birds of their shelters and habitats. He further maintained that we needed to distinguish between facility and comforts or luxuries. “Food, Language and Dress should be our own” he gave the mantra to the audience.

Those present on the occasion were Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi, Vice Chairperson Smt. Anuradha Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dharam Buddhi, Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Dean Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna, Dr. Poonam Rawat, Kumar Ashutosh, Dr. Vaibhav Uniyal, Prof. Pradeep Suri, Prof. D. S. Pandey, Prof. Shravan Kumar, Prof. Ajay Singh, Prof. S. K. Shah, Ved Prakash, Deans of faculties, HODs, Employees and hundreds of students.

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