Uttaranchal University celebrates “Matrabhasha Diwas”

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Uttaranchal University celebrates “Matrabhasha Diwas”

Matribhasha Diwas was celebrated by the Cultural Committee of Uttaranchal University on 21st February 2019. This day is celebrated as International Mother Language Day since 2000. 21st February was declared as Mother Language Day by UNESCO in 1999. This day is celebrated to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity of our country. The program was organized by Dr. Bharti Ramola Head- Cultural Committee, Uttaranchal University with the help of Cultural Coordinators of all the constituent colleges of Uttaranchal University. The Student Coordinators of various Clubs of Cultural Committee assisted in making the event a grand success. The event was held in Seminar Hall of UIT and a large number of students participated in the event. A mini India was created when the students sang songs in languages of different parts of the country. Songs were presented in Assames, Bengali, Telagu, Manipuri, Punjabi, Jounsari, Himachali, Garhwali, Galo, etc. Some even sang patriotic songs in Hindi. Faculty Members also gave their input by singing in Kumaouni and Bengali. Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Cultural Coordinator- UIT, coordinated the event with the help of Student Coordinators Keshav Mudgil (LCD), Vasundhara Rawat (UIT), Nitish Chauhan (LCD), Aarohi Garg (UIT), Hirdeyesh (HM), Aman Sharma(UIPS), Mary Mathew(SOA) and Nishtha (SALS).Cultural Coordinators of various faculties of Uttaranchal University were present namely, Dr. Prabha Lama(LCD), Dr. Geeta Gaur(SOA), Mr. Ravinder Rawat(UIM)and Ms. Smriti Uniyal (MCS). Mr. Abhishek Pathak (UIM) was also present on the occasion. The students of MCS did the photoshoot of the event. Everyone was mesmerized after listening to melodious songs in varied languages of our country.

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