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Uttaranchal University comes forward with an altruistic endeavor, Chancellor of Uttaranchal University Shri. Jitender Joshi hands over a Cheque of Rupees Eleven Lakh towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

Displaying its innate altruistic propensity Uttaranchal University expressed solidarity with the Government of Uttarakhand in its fight against Covid-19. Hon’ble Chancellor of the University Shri. Jitender Joshi handed over a cheque of Rupees Eleven Lakh towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on 25th April, 2020. Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, Principal and Dean – LCD, accompanied Hon’ble Chancellor on this occasion.

When the entire world is grappling with the menace of Covid-19 pandemic coming forward with financial aid in this hour of crisis by educational institutions like Uttranchal University sets an inspiring example. It is noteworthy that the institution has been providing over 500 food packets daily to the District Administration since 30th March, 2020. In addition, eighty immigrant labourer families from Chhatisgarh, residing near Vasant Vihar, are also being provided daily ration by the Chancellor of the University.

On this occasion, Shri. Jitender Joshi observed that exigencies come with opportunities as well. “When the global community is shaken by this menacing pandemic, the educational institutions demonstrated remarkable resilience by adopting online teaching methods, making it a unique and life- long learning experience”, he remarked. He further stated that the teaching activities of the university were never hampered during the lock-down and the university is all set to complete the course in time and is even prepared to complete the examination process in the shortest possible time.

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