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Uttaranchal University conducts an Advanced Training Session of ‘IEEE and EBSCO’ for Faculty Members

An Advanced Training Session of ‘IEEE and EBSCO’ was conducted by the Central Library of the University for Faculty Members on 7th August, 2018. More than 50 Faculty Members from the Faculty of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications and Polytechnic attended the Training Session. The training dealt with advanced searching and updates on e-resources. Mr. L.S. Naruka (from IEEE and EBSCO) was the Trainer. Other issues on best practices of information retrieval, sharing and storages (offline) were also discussed. Dr. Mohd. Tarique Intezar, Head – Research & Studies emphasized on the importance of ethical values and academic honesty in research. He encouraged the Faculty Members to interact freely in deliberations. Mr. N.C. Uniyal, Chief Librarian, emphasized upon the importance of e-journals, databases and e-resources like Swayam /MOOCs, AgMOOCs, NPTEL Courses, to name a few. He encouraged the Faculty Members for optimum utilization of the subscribed or Govt. initiated e-resources on campus and off campus towards achieving effective university goals.

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