Uttaranchal University conducts an Essay Writing Competition on ‘Save Water’

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An Essay writing competition on “Save Water” was organized and conducted by the NSS Unit of Uttaranchal University on November 16, 2017. Many students participated from all the colleges of the University. The topic was quite relevant as in many parts of our country a drastic fall in the water table has been seen. The students mentioned in their essay, the issue of global warming, which has aggravated the problem of scarcity of water they also wrote and described the situation which has worsen in many parts of the country, misuse of water in the domestic as well as industrial arena which has only added to the problem. The competition was organized in the various class rooms. The winners were decided by a panel of Jury (selected group of teachers) who shortlisted the students based on various parameters of content, presentation, language proficiency etc. The aim of the NSS Team behind conducting such activity was to add the socially useful and pertinent activities to the learning of the students. Dr. V. K. Srivastava concluded the event by giving the message of saving the environment and the planet by saving water, as this natural resource is not only essential for the survival of the human life but it also has no replacement.

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