Uttaranchal University conducts Poster Presentation and Power Point Presentation in observance of ‘International Women’s Day 2021’

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Women Cell and Women Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell in association with UUIEEE Student Chapter, Uttaranchal University organized the Second Phase of Women’s Day Celebration at Uttaranchal University on 8th March, 2021.
The events of the Second Day were inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Pathak, Director – IQAC, Uttaranchal University Prof. (Dr.) N.C.Uniyal, Dean – UIT Prof.(Dr.) S.D Pandey. Prof.(Dr.) Poonam Rawat, Chairperson-Women Cell, Prof.(Dr.) Bharti Ramola Chairperson – Sexual Harassment Redressal Committee, Dr. Minakshi Memoria, Senior Member – UU IEEE Student Chapter.
In his message Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Devender Pathak said that women have achieved success in every field they decided to pursue. Director-IQAC Prof.(Dr.) N.C.Uniyal said that all days should be celebrated as Women’s Day as women is the creator and nurturer. She should be respected by one and all. Dean – UIT, Prof. (Dr.) S.D.Pandey recited shlokas in honor of women.
The day was celebrated by conducting competitive events like Power Point Presentation on the topic, “Gender Equality at Workplace” and Poster Presentation on the topics “Women in leadership achieving an equal future in a COVID19 world” or “Choose to challenge” respectively.

The winners of the competitions were-
Poster Presentation-
1st Prize : Ayushi Bhaduri, B.Sc.(Hons.)Food Technology, 1st Year, SALS.
2nd Prize : Yukta Saklani, B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, 3rd Year, SALS.
3rd Prize : Yatendra Singh, B.Tech. Civil Engineering, 3rd Year, UIT.
Consolation Prize : Adeeba Mirza, B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry, 3rd Year, SALS.

Power Point Presentation-
1st Prize : Avi Naman, BAJMC, 3rd Year, SLA.
2nd Prize : Himani Bhandari, B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry, 3rd Year, SALS.
3rd Prize : Smiridhi Kandpal, B.A.(Hons.) English, 2nd Year, SLA.
Consolation Prize : Suvecha Roy, B.Tech. CSE, 3rd Year, UIT.
Pratibha Nutiyal. B.Tech. CSE, 3rd Year, UIT.

The Event was successfully organized and executed by Prof. (Dr.) Bharti Ramola, Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat, Dr. MinakshiMemoria, Ms. Madhu Kirola and Ms.Arti Rana.
The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Bharti Ramola.

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