NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University observes ‘World AIDS Day’

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NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University observed “World Aids Day” on December 01, 2016 as part of its responsibility towards the eradication of this deadly disease, which has caused the death of thousands and thousands of people not only in our country but worldwide. It is a well known fact that HIV does not have a cure so far and it can only be curbed through proper education and awareness.

NSS Unit, Uttaranchal University, organized this event with a clear aim of educating the youth against its menaces and fighting against the social taboos with the right education. On this occasion experts were invited from the medical fraternity who had direct interaction with the hundreds of students. The student queries were answered in a very scientific manner. It was a very fruitful event and the initiative was well appreciated by not only the students but also by every person present on the occasion.

The event was organized on the University campus and the students were specially invited to be a part of this educational event. On this occasion, the head of the NSS unit said that prevention is the only cure as far as this disease is concerned and only through open communication its spread can be curbed effectively.

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