NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University observes ‘World Human Right Day’

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Uttaranchal University has been following the maxim of giving the utmost respect to an individual’s liberty and integrity while upholding the philosophy of respecting each and every person as unique creation of nature. It is this philosophy that has always propelled our education system as we impart education to thousands of young learners. Keeping this view in front of us the University observed the “World Human Rights Day” on December 10, 2016.

A variety of activities were organized in the University campus. It included lectures by the eminent academicians who focused on various aspects of the issue and also discussed the state of human rights in different parts of the world. The discussion that followed these lectures revolved around the reasons of violation of human rights and the effective solutions that can prevent the exploitation of human beings. The academic discussions mainly revolved around the rights of women and children who come under threat on various pretexts.

The event was organized by the NSS Unit who worked laboriously to make this event successful. While speaking on the occasion the Hon’ble Chancellor Sir shared his opinion with the audience and stated that the sole purpose of the education is to uphold the dignity of an individual and enabling the downtrodden persons of the society a just opportunity to raise their voices against all kinds of suppressions.

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