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Uttaranchal University organized an Induction Program for the new faculty entrants on 24th July, 2018. Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi and Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Joshi welcomed the new members in the organization.

In his address Prof (Dr) N K Joshi briefed the new faculty members of the respective constituent colleges about the University and its vision, mission & objectives. He highlighted the infrastructural strength of the University with special mention of the Library, Computer Centre and the Laboratories.

Prof. Joshi informed that the classes of II Year onwards will be commencing from 1st August, 2018 whereas for the I Year students, they were scheduled from 16th August, 2018. He apprised the new Faculty Members regarding the contents of Academic File and stated that the file prepared by individual faculty should contain Syllabus, Lesson Plan, Objective, Learning Outcome, Time Table, Question Bank, Question Papers and Study Notes. He asked them to create their Google Site and Google Scholar Account and informed them of the existence of Feedback System in the University. He advised the teaching fraternity present to update their knowledge, follow a focused teaching-learning process and make the class interactive & thus productive.

Prof. Joshi stressed on the need of updated syllabus (which is industry centric and enhance skills), inclusion of NPTL, MOOC and SWAYAM courses, organization of and participation in Seminar/Conferences/Workshops and Industry Academia Collaboration and asked one and all to contribute towards the same.

He elaborated the essential aspects of the day-to-day working in detail. He stated that:

  • The Faculty Members are expected to be punctual following the working hours from 9.15 am to 5 pm (including 1hour lunch break).
  • The Faculty Members are required to follow the University’s prescribed dress code.
  • 75% student attendance is mandatory to appear in all the examinations.
  • The Attendance Registers are to be maintained properly and carefully with no overwriting using 1-2-3 format.
  • A mentor is assigned to group of students wherein he/she is expected to be the role model building positive interaction with the assigned students.
  • The first-day interaction is very important therefore a teacher should endeavor to know the students, understand their diverse background and distinguish the slow learners & advance learners. This would help to design their teaching methodology.
  • He asked the respective departments to create a database of the e-mail id’s of the department members and the students and form a group for efficient information transmission.

Prof. Joshi further asked the departments to ensure that the Final Year Students publish at least one quality research paper in UGC recognized Journal before the submission of their projects. He asked the departments to prepare a tentative schedule of their Activity Calendar including the activities of their Students’ Club.

Explaining the Examination System he informed that the University follows CBCS System and evaluates two Sessional Examinations, Assignments, Class Tests and Projects of the students. He stated that for Odd Semester (2018-19) the University has scheduled the I Sessional Examination from 3rd October, 2018, II Sessional Examination from 20th November, 2018 and the End Term Final Examinations from 10th December, 2018.

He discussed the growing relevance and need of MDP’s (Management Development Programs) and advised Director-UIM to work towards the organization of the same.

He further informed one and all that in the near future the University is planning to apply for NAAC Accreditation. The University is transforming to become a research-driven organization. He stressed on the importance of Funded Projects, Consultancy Services & Research Publications in Scopus Listed Journals and motivated everyone to enhance their academic credentials.

Concluding his address he once again welcomed the new entrants and extended his best wishes to one and all sharing his aspiration that everyone will perform his/her duties towards making Uttaranchal University a Centre of Excellence.


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