NSS Wing of Uttaranchal University organizes “Mega Blood Donation Camp”

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Over the past few years, Uttaranchal University has been quite successful in establishing many best practices which has earned a distinct name for the institution in the entire north region of the country. One such practice is to organize the Mega Blood Donation Camp in the premises of the University on regular basis. The camp was recently organized by NSS Wing of the University on November 24, 2017 which had the overwhelming participation of more than hundred students and NSS volunteers from almost all the constituent colleges of the University.

The camp was organized with the help of Shri Mahant Hospital and the Government Blood Bank whose team visited the campus and assisted in the conduction of the camp and made the students aware of the importance of blood donation. The students and NSS volunteers who participated in the camp and donate blood are also provided certificates by the university recognizing their contribution.

This camp also broke the myth associated with the donation of the blood by the volunteers regarding weakening of health after blood donation, as the recovery happens quite fast. All the safety measures were followed as a precaution in the camp. The Medical Staff thanked the University on this occasion for such a humanitarian act. Dr. V. K. Srivastava reassured the team that such camps will continue to be organized on regular basis.

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