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Uttaranchal University has always maintained a legacy of fulfilling its social responsibilities and has been a front runner in organizing “Blood Donation Camps”. In the past also students have joined shoulders with all the staff members and the teaching fraternity in donating blood. The University organized a mega blood donation camp on November 25, 2016 to lend a big helping hand to the requirements of the hundreds of patients who come to this city from distant parts of the state in search of medical facilities, which are not readily available in the hilly regions.

The camp was organized by the NSS Unit of the University with an active participation of the students of the University. Information regarding this was circulated in advance to all the concerned persons and students through personal contact programs, mainly to make the entire event more and more effective. The mega blood donation event was organized in the University premises in the presence of many experts and highly qualified doctors along with other medical staff. More than 100 units of blood was gathered from the students and staff members. It was one of its kind events in the history of the state and it was made highly successful only through the selfless work, dedication and efforts of the volunteers of the NSS unit.

Speaking on the occasion the Head of the NSS Unit said that blood donation is a noble cause and Uttaranchal University shall continue doing this in the future also to help the poor and needy people of the state and the society.

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