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Call For Papers

Dear authors,

Greetings from Uttaranchal Business Review!

We invite you to contribute to the making of Volume-4 Issue-II  of Uttaranchal Business  Review :A Biannual research Journal of Management and IT. The selection of papers for publication will be based on their relevance, clarity, topicality and originality, the extent to which they advance knowledge, understanding and application and their likely contribution towards inspiring further development & research. Uttranchal business Review attempts to promote contributions by researchers, academicians and practicing managers and thereby improve the understanding of the nature of management in different settings, and consequently, achieve a reasonable transfer of results to management practice in several contexts. Uttranchal  Business Review is receptive to reflection of ideas / practices across a broad range of management topics such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, Finance, Information Technology, Strategic Management, Web Technologies, e-governance, database.


The Journal will try to maintain a balance between purely research-oriented papers and those derived mainly from the experiences of practitioners involved in the different areas of management. In the case of research-based articles, papers that present the results of original research and analysis are accepted for publication in the Journal. The managerial/policy implications of the study should be highlighted towards the end of the paper. The following are the categories that would be considered for publication:

1. Case Studies on new management and business techniques.

2 .Original research on marketing, economics, Human Resource, Operations, Organizational Behavior, Information Technology and finance with practical implications.

3. Conceptual papers reviewing trends or positing new models on business and management

Broad Outline of the papers

Text can be submitted for review via mail, fax or email. It should include:

  1. Title of Paper
  2. Style of Paper-one of 3 categories (Case Study, Research, Conceptual)
  3. Functional Area of Management Covered.
  4. Profile of Author(s)
  5. Abstract of paper (100 to 300 words)
  6. Detail Transcript of the Paper (3,000 to 5,000 words)
  7. Contact email, fax and postal address of Author(s).


The articles should not normally exceed 5000 words. The articles should be in clear and concise English and should be typed on one side only of A4 paper in double –line spacing with one inch margin on all the sides. The articles should be sent electronically. Authors can also submit articles on CD (using MS Word, Font Size 12, Times New Roman.) Papers will be subject to blind peer review by the Editorial Board of Uttranchal Business Review , Dehradun. All papers accepted by the board will be published in Uttranchal Business Review. Editorial decision regarding articles accepted for processing in Uttranchal Business Review will be communicated in 90 days’ time.


I take the opportunity to extend an invitation to you to contribute your
paper in area of your specialty. The editor, can be contacted at
ubr@uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in, chaubeyds@gmail.com   All articles should be sent by e-mail or by post on the following address” For any clarification which may be required by you.


Important Dates:

Submission of papers :  30th September  2014
Notification Date :  Within 7 days of Submission
Last date to submit revised paper :  15th Nov  2014
Notification of acceptance :  05th December  2014
Publication date :  Last  week of December  2014


Prof(Dr. )D.S. Chaubey

Editor, Uttranchal Business Review

Uttaranchal Institute of Management, Uttaranchal University

Arcadia Grand, PO; Chandanbari, Premnagar , Dehradun-248007

E-mail: ubr@uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in uim@uttaranchaluniversity.ac.in

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