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Uttaranchal Institute of Management and Corporate Resource Center jointly organized a virtual power HR-Conclave: Decoding the Future in association with the ICT Academy on 16 April 2022 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Dr Sonal Sharma introduced the panel members to the participants. Panel for discussion comprised experts viz. Mr Ashish Kapoor, Director, EY India, Ms. Anuradha Shashtri, Global Account Director, Oracle, Mr Ketan Krishna, Head-HR, RentoMojo, Ms Malini Lakshman, Chief HR Officer, AGATI Clinical informatics, and Ms Tanvi Mittal, Sr. Manager-HR, VLink India Pvt. Ltd. More than 150 students and faculty members from across the city participated in the conclave and reaped the benefits of experts’ deliberations.

At the outset Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi welcomed the panel members and thereafter put the emphasis on the involvement and participation of corporate with academia to fulfill the need to train the students as per industry requirements. He also urged panel members to give their recommendations to transform the students into industry-ready graduates.

 In the sequence, Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri, Dean, UIM, rolled out the red carpet for the panel members through his address. He also emphasized the changes that should be brought in the students to transform them as per the requirement of current business and industry scenarios.

The session started with the deliberation of Mr Ashish Kapoor who linked decoding the future of human resources with decoding human behaviour. Mr Kapoor emphasized the importance of skills and patterns of behaviour that people tend to use in their interactions with others in the context of corporate working. He described the importance of social styles and required versatility in one’s social style to achieve success in the corporate world. Deliberations took place among panel members and they contributed valuable ideas to make students best fits for the future corporate scenario. Highly motivated participants explored experts’ opinions by asking many questions related to human resources from a future perspective. Experts responded to their questions and mollified their concerns about the future.

At the end of the session, Dr Sonal Sharma proposed a vote of thanks to one and all present in the conclave. The session was compered by Dr Sonal Sharma, HoD, Computer Applications, and arranged by Mr Iqbal Sawhney.

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