Cosmopolitan Campus

Uttaranchal University has consciously created a cosmopolitan culture in the university by maintaining a broad outlook in all its activities.

Students from twenty eight states, like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, North-east states, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and Haryana etc. are pursuing their higher education in Uttaranchal University. Its commitment to teaching excellence, world class infrastructure, good faculty, varied partnership with industries, and a tolerant environment provide best opportunities to students to realize their potential. The professional orientation, our innovative methods of teaching, rapidly increasing research profile make it the preferred education destination of multitudes of students.

We realize that non-native students have different cultures and backgrounds and thus require single window system to help them overcome their problems and difficulties. The University is making all efforts to ensure that such students enjoy their stay at the University, by creating for them conditions and facilities like secular attitudes, respect for individual and their religious differences, tolerance and compassion.

All care is taken to sensitize the other students towards the cultural differences. Faculty and the university officials are vigilant towards the well being of the students from different backgrounds.

We believe that true intellectual growth and broad outlook is bred in true cosmopolitan culture.

University has put in place a firm mechanism of dealing with any kind of rowdy behavior towards any students. The sexual harassment cell, consisting of the senior faulty and the senior students as its members, deals with any untoward behavior towards the fair sex.

Anti-ragging cell and disciplinary committee have been specially constituted to deal with any incidents of ragging and indiscipline. Hence an environment of well-being pervades in the university campus.

Scholars can never feel intellectually liberated or transcending the barriers of language and race unless they approach the problems of life with the cosmopolitan outlook.