Research Driven University

Research and its application for development, and innovation are in the centre of the knowledge-based model of society. The scientific and technological developments of any nation can be judged by the quality and extent of research activity of academic institutions in the Nation.

The main aim of the education and research mission of Uttaranchal University is to provide quality based scientific research and expand knowledge, provide directions for education, develops values and forms the basis for society’s development.

University has ambitious goals of developing a motivating system of research environment for researchers, attractive conditions for doctoral studies, modern research and development infrastructure, supporting the environment of high-tech entrepreneurship, fellowship programs and competitive quality Achieving success at international level in frontier research.

Mission Statement of R&D:

  • Inculcate leadership in fundamental research, teaching, training and function as learning resource center.
  • Support faculty and other scholars in pursuing world-class research. The institution’s vision today is to go global, to include the young talented students.
  • Training for R&D personnel from all parts of the world and forge ahead in pursuit of excellence in research, teaching and training program.
  • Forge collaborations for research with IIT’s, universities, autonomous research resource Centers, research & development departments and across the wide spectrum of industries

Research Activity:

There are various research programs paper publications, Ph.D., industrial training, summer-winter University program, international conferences, national symposium, seminar, workshops going on
Researchers are working on the strategic themes of Material Science, Nano Science & Technology, Environmental, Petroleum, Agriculture Science, sustainability, natural sciences, Humanities, Electronics & Telecommunications, Information Technology, Medical Science, Legal issues, management and Computational research work .


1. “Designing of nano-ferrite composites of Barium ferrite with Polyaniline embedded it with Graphene matrix for EMI Shielding applications” The project proposal mentioned above Investigating by Dr.S.P.Gairola, Uttaranchal University,Dehradun & Dr.S.K.Dhawan, NPL New Delhi funded by the Science & Engineering Research Board, Government of India, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Technology Bhawan, New Delhi-110 016. India. Ref. No.SB/S2/CMP-075/2013.


2. “Under Cell Tower Radiation Program, ferrite composites with conducting polymers”. Department of Science and technology (DST), New Delhi -110 016. India. Ref. No.SB/CT/087/2013.
3. “Investigation of Surface Plasmon role in light trapping photovoltaic’s to enhance the efficiency of solar cell”. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), New Delhi, India.
4. “Control of Electromagnetic Pollution by Designing nano ferrite composites of Cobalt ferrite with polyaniline.” Uttarakhand State Council For Science & Technology (UCOST), Dehradun, India. Ref.No.UCS&T/PRC/R&D-16/2013-14/7065.


“A Process for the Preparation of Smart Coatings of Conducting Polymer Composites for Corrosion Protection in Marine Environment” S. P. Gairola, B. M S. Bisht, Hema Bhandari, Preeti Gairola, Pradeep Sambyal, S.K.Dhawan, “3708/DEL/2015” Dated 13/11/2015, Government of India, I.P.O. Building, New Delhi-110078 by Uttaranchal University, Prem Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248007-India.


  • Research in the field of Nanoscience & Technology, Nanomaterials, Magnetic Materials, Optoelectronic Materials, Multiferroics, Conductive Polymers, carbon materials and waste material for Technological applications i.e; EMI Shielding, Corrosion Protection (Smart Coating Technology) and Photo-voltaic application Ph.D is being done by research scholars Brij Mohan Singh Bisht, Anu Pande, Balesh Kumar Vashisth, Lalit Kumar Gaur and Ms. Preeti under the guidance of Dr S.P. Gairola Head of Research &Development.
  • A research project entitled “Fabrication of superhydophobic antireflective coating on solar panels to enhance its efficiency” has been recommended for financial support in the “Tenth Meeting of Solar Energy Expert Group on Enabling R&D: Clean Energy Research Initiative (CERI), DST” held on 5-6th October 2015 at Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. Dr. Abhilasha Mishra (PI) and Dr. Ajay Singh (Co-PI) are working in the field of Polymer Chemistry. They are working to improve energy efficiency of solar panels by different polymeric coatings on top glass cover of solar panels.
  • “Green Campus” project has been approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India. A sum of Rs. 5 lakhs has been sanctioned for 1 year. This project will extend for next 4-5 years after approval of DPR and this will be of more than crore rupee project. 02/27/2015-16/SC. Dr Ajay Singh (Associate professor & HOD-Chemistry) along with Mr Rajan Sharma are working on this project.
  • Research is underway in the field of Management, Law, Physics, English, Engineering, and Chemistry. About 42 research scholars are engaged in various stages of their research.