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Hospitality club of Uttaranchal Institute of Management, in continuation Guéridon service workshop, conducted the second session on 23 April 2022, under the guidance of Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri, Dean, UIM, Uttaranchal University, Associate Professor, Manish Badoni, HoD, Hotel Management and Assistant Professor, Surendra Singh Bhakuni, Faculty, Hotel Management. In this session, students learned about Flambé cooking. 

The students learned by practically preparing Banana flambé in Guéridon service in front of the guests. Students were taught about the tips and importance of Care that must be taken while flambéing as it can cause serious fire accidents. How to do Mise en place on the trolley before starting the Flambé service. Students also honed their bartending skills by preparing a “Grape Punch” mocktail to compliment the Flambéd dish and learned about food and beverage pairing skills.


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