Youth Day organized by the Literary Club- Zenith, School of Liberal Arts on 12 January 2022

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The wholesome and much-awaited event for the occasion of “YOUTH DAY” was organized by the Literary Club- Zenith, School of Liberal Arts on 12th January 2022 and hosted by Ms Vidhi Goel, Assistant Professor. She initiated the event by elucidating the illustrious ideals and eminent deeds of Swami Vivekananda that added to the auspiciousness of the day.

The guest speaker of the event, Mr  Raghavendra Tripathi, an alumnus of the National School of Drama, a reputed motivational speaker, writer, poet, legal practitioner, and founder of “The Thespian Acting Engineering” mesmerized the entire audience by giving an account of the life of Swami Vivekananda through a narrative. He, in the words of Vivekananda, annotated the ideals, dreams, and desire for a nation that ensures equality for all and promotes the well-being of the nation with the most powerful weapon, the youth. Vivekananda was a firm believer in equality that he thought must be ensured among all the classes.

He emphasized the youth’s significance through the interpretations that were collected from the life of Vivekananda and expressed several ways following which, an individual can grasp the essence and conclude one’s life peacefully. Such a life comprises of high morale in the crux.

The virtual attendees of the session were enlightened with several intricacies of the life of Vivekananda. He was born on January 12, 1863, in the city of joy Calcutta. His original name was Narendranath Dutta. His father Vishwanath Dutta was a learned man who had a profound knowledge of both English and Persian. Ramkrishna Paramhansa, the constant guide, mentor, and teacher of Vivekananda made him realize certain aesthetics of human life. It was after his motivation and guidance that Vivekananda went on along a path that was dedicated to the service of the human race and its upliftment and enlightenment. In this way, the significance of a teacher and the indispensable contribution that a teacher makes in the life of a student was realized. After becoming a monk Narendranath was named Swami Vivekananda. He visited America to participate in the parliament of world religions held in Chicago in 1893. In his deep lecture, Swami Vivekananda explained to the world that God is the one big sea, and all religions are like rivers ultimately merging in the sea. According to him, there should not be any dispute among the preachers of various religions that they worship God in separate forms or with different beliefs.

The guest speaker also emphasized how meditation and the quest for a peaceful life are crucial in an individual’s life. Even Vivekananda was an ardent admirer of peace and aesthetic living. Besides this, the speaker captured the aspects of nationalism, the glory of our nation, India, and narrated morals through the poetry of Dushyant Kumar. The entire session was elevated in its essence with these graceful particulars.

The diligent session came to a successful conclusion with the benevolent words of the Dean, School of Liberal Arts, Prof Dr Shravan Kumar, who, beautifully elaborated upon various stories of Vivekananda, and how, they behold the strength to rejuvenate the life of an individual in a wholesome and positive way. The presence of the benign guests was praised. All the students relished the entire speech that was delivered by the eminent guests and looked forward to more such fruitful events.

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